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QB DAP®….Simplifies document storage!


User-friendly, secure, yet easily accessible to pre-approved parties, QB DAP® is a document storage program designed to provide builders with a cost-effective means of storing and sharing access to electronic project-specific plans, reports, contracts and other important documents.


You determine who has access to your records…. you may select specific project team members or open the system to your insurance broker, carrier or legal representative.


Quality Built provides a secure, on-line digital back up of your project records, providing the ultimate security and organization for archiving irreplaceable records at little or no cost! Imagine having access to documents in an easy-to-locate digital format which centralizes document retention and reduces costs associated with searching locating and transmitting project documents.


UNIQUE FEATURE: Let Quality Built create customized reports that combine traditional office information with field information. For example, you may identify construction milestones to be verified and photographed in the field and attach the materials invoice to that data prior to issuing payment to your trade contractor!


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